NINC! – webdesign : video : 3D

Adresse: Lindengasse 36
1070 Wien
Telefon: 01/942 19 39 (täglich ab 14 Uhr), 0676/598 22 72 (täglich ab 13 Uhr)
Branchen: 3-D-Visualisierung, Rendering, Computeranimation, Multimediadesign, Screendesign, Webdesign
Info: 3-D-Visualisierung, Rendering: Photorealistic 3-D-visualization, visual FX and animation for marketing, designers, architects, agencies, filmmakers and others. Think NINC! Computeranimation: High quality 3-D-animation, compositing, DVD and postproduction for agencies, designers, filmmakers, architects.and others. Think NINC! Webdesign, Screendesign, Multimediadesign: Professional and modern webdesign, including online shops, communities and social media integration. You call it Web2.0, we call it cool.


Office (Postanschrift):
1030 Wien, Obere Weißgerberstraße 19/21