35% of Viennese Use Public Transport

News Brief: May 2010

News | Vienna Review | May 2010

Around 811.8 million travelers used Vienna’s public transportation services in 2009 – the highest record in the recent years. The study conducted by the Austrian Institute for Social Research and Statistics showed that around 35% of Vienna’s residents ride on buses, trams and metros on a daily basis, far more than in Graz or Linz with only 20% and 25% respectively.

This surging usage has contributed to a significant decrease in the number of people using private cars in the city. In 2009, public transport moved ahead of private for the first time, which now accounts for only 32% of primary travel by the Viennese.

In addition to being nationally first-ranked, Vienna also ranks near the top internationally; in the German speaking world it places just below Zurich (37%) and well ahead of Berlin (27%).

"This significant study shows the greatest success of our efforts," said Michael Lichtenegger, head of the Wiener Linien. The study would be used by the company to guide future investment and innovation in the network, he said. In 2010, Wiener Linien plans to invest an additional €470 million in public transportation facilities, particularly in further extending the U2 line and in buying new trams, train-cars and buses.

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