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TVR Books | Vienna Review | March 2013

In the Hug of Arms

A tribute to all the innocent victims of armed conflicts, this anthology, edited by EU Parlamentarian and writer Mariela Baeva, takes readers to war-torn Europe, the Arab Spring and other regions of turbulence and radical change with short stories, excerpts of short novels, and essays.  See the "Vienna Circle", p29 of this issue.


 In the Hug of Arms: Anthology

      Mariela Baeva, ed. 

      CULTURE’99 Publishing House, 

      Sofia (2012) 





"When I became a Slovak citizen, I was surprised by how much I felt moved by this simple change in status," Rick Zedník told the weekly Slovak Spectator. Born in West Germany, to a Slovak father and an American mother, Zednik grew up in the U.S. and returned to Slovakia following the Velvet Revolution.  In A Country Lost, Then Found, Zednik deftly weaves a personal narrative while rediscovering his Slovak family’s roots and identity. At times poignant and humorous, the memoir by the founding publisher of the Spectator follows the lives of the Zedník family, and explores the decades of political upheaval that transformed Slovakia after independence in 1993.


A Country Lost, Then Found

     by Rick Zednik

     CreateSpace Independent Publishers, December 2012

     pp. 198 


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