The Shopper’s Eye

Teasing Your Senses and Spoiling Your Friends

On The Town | Vienna Review | October 2006


Dorotheegasse XX

A-1010 Vienna

Tel: (01) 513 32 02

Fax: (01) 513 32 06

People have been known to drive themselves to financial ruin, selling everything short of their souls to pick up Franz Joseph’s siilver toothpick or a bodice from Sissy’s trouseau at this world famous Auction house. For those more modestly endowed, the direct sale rooms of furniture, antique table silver, jewelry and porcellin are a safer sin. Here, you can find authentic Jugendstil desks or lamps,  gold and silver embracing emeralds and blue topaz dazzle even the hard-to-please Austrians. Dangly sapphire earrings will definitely fit in your luggage and each piece is made in Austria.


MAK(Museum für angewandte Kunst) Design Shop

Stubenring 5

A-1010 Vienna

Tel: (01) 711 36-228

Fax: (01) 711 36-213

The creators of the unique pieces at the MAK design shop are among the best up and coming Austrian and central European designers and architects. Here you’ll find everything from clothing and handbags to office decor and silverware. A formable and washable breadbasket or a magnetic bird as a paperweight, India inspired scarves to a 3D piture frame.



Dorotheergasse 10

A-1010 Vienna

Tel: (01) 515 03 - 0

Fax: (01) 515 03 – 51

It’s easy to get stuck in this sheet music paradise, where you can browse the drawers to discover chamber music, Wiener Lieder, cabaret, theater and choral music or jazz masters you thought forever lost to time. On top of a vast selection of new editions sheet music and CDs, they also have a back room filled with antiques from Vienna’s musical past. A stroll through the shop and you’ll start itching to go to the Musikverein or the opera, to which the employees are happy to direct you.


Kärntnerstrasse 8

A-1010 Vienna

Tel: (01) 512 9032 - 33

Fax: 512 3344 - 843


Most any self-respecting Viennese lady has a pair of Swarovski earrings, a necklace or bracelet. Some even cover their iPods or cell-phones in Swarovski crystals. Not only can you find the figurines of this famed enterprise all over the globe, the shop has something for everyone. From watches, belts and crystal  rings to the masses of decorations, chandeliers and collectables. The store is usually a hub of activity, and even if you don’t buy anything, the sparkling display windows on Kärtnerstrasse are worth a look.

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