Brief Encounter

Columns | Margaret Childs | November 2007

In the Ramien Bar, a favorite among those who like Hip Hop, hard liquor and Chinese décor, my boyfriend and I were attempting to squeeze past the hoards of men circling the bar. Not that there were no women in the club, just that the men had all been sent to get drinks, (one of femininity’s upsides) and would not let anything get between them and their goal.

Then I felt something under-toe and heard a yelp. A petite woman with her hands full of cocktails looked up at me with a frown and sniffle.

"I’m so sorry," I blurted only to watch her proceed to be pushed again by the oversized load on her right, spilling one of the drinks all over my date. I left the wallet with him to cover the drinks, and bolted for the bathroom to get towels. By the time I returned, her face seemed dangerously close to my boyfriend’s. As I approached, she giggled and disappeared.

"What was that," I asked, not quite jealous.

As he handed me my drink he said, "Don’t worry babe, obviously I’m not good enough for the women of today."

He sounded so mysterious. "Actually, she was asking about you – if you were with me or whether she might have a chance…"

I turned bright red and although I was, I suppose, flattered, I was also a bit embarrassed at my possessive reaction. Then again, there’s no harm in boosting my boy’s ego.

And for the future, we’ll keep in mind: the new female come-on is spilling a drink over the target’s companion.

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