Brief Encounter: November 2007

Columns | Mariam Shalikashvili | November 2007

I was running late for my early morning class so had to order a cab. I called the taxi service and was half way to Berchtoldgasse, when the cab driver crashed headlong into a huge tourist bus.

It was obvious that the accident was his fault, as he didn’t see the bus turning from the left. Luckily nobody got injured. So I sat there for five minutes while the drivers were arguing about what happened, and the tourist bus driver took tons of pictures: of the cars, of the road, of everything he could see nearby.

Without hiding my frustration I reminded the driver I was late. "Order another cab and leave,’ he grumbled.

I was waiting for an apology at least, but all I got a bill for seven euros for putting me in this ridiculous situation. I started to complain, but realized that nobody would care. So, I just paid the money, ordered another cab and left before anything else could go wrong. Now, I had to bring apologies to my professor for being late to the class.

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