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Travel Advisory: Where to Stay in the Land of the Mayas

On The Town | Nayeli Urquiza | March 2007

Palm Huts are a common sight on the beaches of the Yucatan Peninsula (Photo: Stock.XCHNG)

There are all-Inclusive resorts located literally just a few steps away from archeological sites like Uxmal, Chichen Itza. For those who prefer to be close to the beach but still visit the ruins, there are plenty hotels, hostels, and five-star resorts in Cancun. Travel agencies and bus lines run trips to the ruins: It takes about two and half hours from Cancun to Uxmal, and an hour and a half from Cancún to Chichen Itzá.  There are more economic and down-to-earth options for those who want to avoid the hustle and the hordes of spring-breakers in Cancún, such as the oceanfront bungalows in Tulum, the small and intimate family-run bed and breakfasts in Isla Mujeres (half-and hour away with ferry leaving from Puerto Morelos), or the secluded and exclusive small hotels in Holbox Island (Northwest from Cancun).


Club Med

All-inclusive resort chain with 300 plus rooms available. Prices vary depending on the exclusivity or demand of the travel destination.


Rustic accommodations in Tulum that range from very primitive (basically a shack with a sand floor-mind the sand blowing at your face when the wind blows) or very fancy and village-like cabins with kitchen and living room. Prices go from 75 to 250 USD.


Casa Sirena

Small BB with only six rooms in the also tiny but picturesque island of Isla Mujeres. Average price per room is 112 USD.


Villas Paraiso del Mar

Small beach hotel with only 36 rooms in Isla Holbox.

Prices for junior and master suites range from 200 to 350 USD.

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