In Memory: Michael Schubert

“No Road Is Long With a Friend By Your Side”

News | Vienna Review | December 2007 / January 2008

It is with heavy heart that I share with you the sad news that Michael Schubert passed away Friday night, Nov. 16.

It is always a tragedy with young people die. Life is not supposed to work that way. This is a shock for all of us who knew him, and a terrible tragedy for his parents and family. Our hearts go out to them.

Michael had just started his studies at Webster in Fall 1 of this year. I met him in Orientation and was impressed by his warm personality, his enthusiasm for learning – and his love for ice hockey. Everyone who met him knew that here was someone very special.

     WUV Director Dr. Arthur Hirsh 


A memorial service took place Nov. 23, at 2:30 p.m. in the OMV Conference Center


On Friday, the 16th of November Michael Schubert put on his ice skates for the last time for a practice session with his team. Later during that practice he collapsed and had a fatal pulmonary embolism.

Due to turn 20 in mid December, Michael was ambitious and had enough emotional intelligence to do something that might have actually made the world a better place. Unlike most people, Michael seem to care about everyone in his path. Unlike most people, Michael was interested in how you had spent your weekend. Unlike most people, Michael treated everyone with respect. Michael was brave. Michael loved life.

From his first day at Webster University Michael brought smiles to people’s faces. He was not hesitant to show his views, but he also tried hard not to offend anyone. Michael was proud to be a Webster student.

At his memorial service just three months after his enrollment at the university, some 50 people came to pay their respects, all of whom knew Michael and saw him as a friend. During his short time here, Michael made a bigger difference and befriended more people than most students do during their whole four years. A remarkable number called Michael their best friend. And that was because he was.

Michael’s early passing shocked us all. We were blessed to have known him, if only for such a short while.

                                          Lucas Jakobsson 


The first week of school, Michael sat next to me in management. He had a great smile… We did our first group discussion together and despite the fact that he didn’t smoke, he joined us outside, I remember telling a friend on the way home that we were going to hang out with this guy. He was awesome.

I came to school on Mondays and Wednesdays and even thought we didn’t have class together on those days, we would hang out in the lounge for no reason. The only game of ping pong I ever enjoyed I played with Michael.

Before midterms, he got very excited; he always over-studied for his exams. He would come by our group and ask, "What did you guys come up with?" and Caitlin would say, "Why do you want to know? Are you some kind of spy?" Fro three months, every Tuesday, this would happen. And He would always say, "I’m German! I can’t help it."

Hockey was part of his life and I loved the fact that he kept making fun of his size (I still think his size was perfect, though I know it wasn’t ideal for Hockey.) Every time he would mention the game, his face would light up. The night before this became a tragic event, he told me about the kids he was teaching; he loved them, and loved sharing his knowledge with them. I was about to call to apologize for falling asleep during our conversation. I never got to make that call.

                                          Andra Goran


I met Michi when I was in Grade 11 in one of my classes at school, immediately I was drawn to his kindness, a look that instantly calmed you, and made you want to get to know him. It never ceased to amaze me how he could captivate a room, no one was more well spoken; he always knew how to put things in a beautiful way.

Everyone who knew him loved him, he was the kind of friend that would do anything for you, the needs of those around him always came before his own – unconditional love in its purest form.

He was the shoulder that I cried on during tough times; he knew what to say to make you feel better, and I have never met anyone that could express complete strength, love and comfort in a hug like he did.

His laugh was electric, and his sense of humor was one that I will always appreciate and laugh at in years to come. He was the source of many of my greatest laughs, made me feel that I could achieve all of the goals and aspirations in my heart.

He had big dreams, and inspired those around him to want to achieve the greatness that he saw in them. He wanted to do everything to his complete best,

He also loved to sing, to dance, and to savor the fun moments in life. To me he was like a vibrant color, never fading, but always bold, beautiful, and pure in its essence.

As you said "No road is long with a friend by your side."


                              Jennalise Janowsky

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