Tagebuch: May 2007

Columns | Margaret Childs | May 2007

Dear Diary,

In the U1, pulling into Stephansplatz, I heard the penetrating click-clack of Manolo Blanik stiletto heels, louder than the decelerating train. As we halted, the source became clear.

A woman was pacing back and fourth along the paltform, talking on her cell-phone, teetering in the high-heeled boots stuffed with air-tight jeans; above, we were treated to a generous display of cleavage, platinum blonde hair and massive Gucci shades – in defiance of the non-existent sunshine on the underground platform.

In addition to her Louis Vuitton plated cell-phone she was holding a shiny leather leash, at the end of which was a small rat-like mammal, wearing a Burberry jacket and a splendid black muzzle decorated with Swarovski stones. The dog was nervous, shivering slightly,  tugged at from time to time by its oblivious owner.

After the exiting passengers were out, the rush hour crowds started piling onto the train. Our heroine, engrossed in her conversation, nearly forgot to get on and at the last second, click-clacked over to the train and squeezed into the car.

"Zug Fährt ab!" echoed along the platform. I gasped as I saw the runt was still on this side of the closing doors.

"Your dog!" someone yelled.

The woman reacted quickly and yanked the posh pup by the leash, almost vertically into her arms.

Think of the tragedy of losing such an expensive accessory, not to mention the plaid jacket and Swarovski muzzle!

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