Grown-Ups in a Toy Store

Columns | Bisera Bozinovska | November 2008

Today we finally felt that we belonged. Totally spontaneously, feeling a little crazy, we were wandering around surrounded by toys.

But let’s go back. We, meaning my friend and I, both college students, finally caught a break between demanding classes. We had only few hours and there was no time to hesitate. We hopped on the bus, then the U-bahn, and there we were, on Stephansplatz.

We looked ahead, and straight in front of us was Kaertnerstrasse, the long magical street full of wonderful shops. Looking around, not able to decide which store to enter, my gaze stopped when I spotted the marvelous glass elevator, standing free outside Steffel, leading to upper floors.

I am a lover of heights and so I blithely entered the elevator of floor to ceiling glass, and my accommodating friend, although a little doubtful, came along.

"Arghhh" she cringed trying not to look down. "Is that really necessary?" And without looking, she randomly pushed a number and…there it was, The Toy Store!

Well…at first we tried to convince each other that we are "grownups", not wanting to show how excited we were. But then my friend could no longer resist! She saw a huge line of puzzles, and after that, for her, it was over. Nothing existed anymore, there was only her and the puzzle that when put together make a globe which glows in the dark.

I, on the other hand, spotted Junga and candy.

We ended up spending an hour of our time and quite a lot of money. We tried to make the situation less awkward by shopping for purses afterwards; nevertheless the toy store had won the day. After all … we knew we were absolutely where we belonged!

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