Hookers by Daylight

Illegal Prostitution Thrives on Vienna’s Goldschlagstrasse, Just meters Away From a Kindergarten Full of Children

On The Town | Alexander Litschka | April 2008

Varnish, leather and lots of naked skin appear behind parked cars on both sides of the street.  In the neighborhood bordered by Felberstrasse and Hütteldorferstrasse near Westbanhof in the 15th District, is a well-known red light district, especially after nine p.m. when the legal working hours for prostitutes in Vienna begin.

However, if the call for sexual relief starts early in the day, for example during lunch break at work, the modern male primates of Vienna know where to go to satisfy his desires. One good spot is on Golschlagstrasse, in between Felberstrasse and Hütteldorfstrasse. If you didn’t know about the prostitution, you probably wouldn’t know what was going on because the women look pretty much like common housewives, a little bruised perhaps, but not so different from others you see every day – not as shiny as Wisteria Lane, but they are also not as demonstrative as the usual prostitutes. The easiest way to fish for a sexual catch is to pass by in a car keeping your eyes open for an obvious ‘sign’ from one of the women who are waiting next to the street.

It’s shocking to see how messed up these women are, like controlled zombies on drugs they tumble around one spot so to not cross into another prostitutes territory. If a little catfight starts, pimps suddenly rush out of their hiding places to get the fosterlings back to work.

Once in a while a police car passes by to show that they care about the local residents. As soon as the right hand of the law leaves the street, pimps whistle to announce that the area is free from police.

I observe this unethical little scene everyday because I live right down the street. The worst thing is that it’s actually a family neighborhood with children going to the Kindergarten at the beginning of Goldschlagstrasse, who already realize what’s happening.

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