Male Manners

Columns | Ana Tajder | March 2008

Yet another boring meeting.

The meeting room is huge and a British woman is presenting "phones for kids," to a group of marketers for all over Europe. She is standing next to the projection of her power point presentation beaming onto the wall. We are all lounging comfortably in designer meeting-room chairs, rolled away from the desk and turned slightly in her directing so that we can look straight at her.

A German guy is sitting next to me. I look down at his legs. Perfect black shoes, black socks, black trousers. Somehow I remember that yesterday, I had a meeting with my boss and I also noticed his beautiful polished black shoes, opaque black socks and black trousers. I think I am becoming some kind of a male shoe fetishist.

In that moment, my glance slides down to my own legs. Same black shoes, black socks, black trousers. We even sit in the same position: the right leg crossed over the left leg. I look like a small clone of what is next to me.

This is not good! I wonder – is this the first time in history that we are trying to be identical?

But, oh how we are not!

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