Public Transport Adventures

Columns | Sean Delaney | March 2008

Ever since the beginning of the New Year I have noticed a marked increase of ‘ticket checkers’ on the U-Bahn and at the exits. Also since the New Year, I have been completely and utterly without money.

Constantly riding without a ticket is a game of cat and mouse. Sometimes they are completely obvious, with Wiener Linien jackets on, other times not. Some of the telltale signs are a bum bag around the waist, the look cast remorselessly across the crowd of passengers, the not sitting down, and a generally unsavory and morose appearance.

That is when I know to grab my stuff, and forthwith, exit the train. And maybe try to get back on the next car. Though I have a few moments of rest, during which I venture to spend some of my pocket shrapnel, reserved for Semmeln and whatever other cheap food is around, on a ticket, there have also been those five or six incidents when I have been checked four times.

And I must admit, it gives me great pleasure to mentally thumb my nose at these police of tickets and fines.

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