The modern girl's best friend

Columns | Vienna Review | December 2009 / January 2010

Shopping, chocolate or diamonds… are a girl’s best friend.

But a new player has entered the game: the makeup kit is the modern girl’s best friend.

In the car, public restrooms, even in the U-Bahn, make sure that mask embracing your face doesn’t fade away. Because who would want to see what your real face looks like?

I mean, I get it. We all want to look our best at all times; at parties, dinners, or even just going out for a walk. Hide a zit, add a touch of glamour. But why would a 15-year-old girl need tons of makeup at school? And why is it absolutely necessary for her to apply it in the metro? That question I was not able to answer… until now.

As I sat down in the U-Bahn heading for work, a cute little thing came on board. Classy, chic and quite attractive, she sat in front of me and soon opened the big bag in her lap, took out her makeup kit, and started what I later came to discover as her morning routine. Box after box, layer after layer, line after line, and one color on top of the other… until not a single spot of her white baby skin was exposed.

I felt a mixture of anger and pity, but mostly regret. These feelings were directed not only at every teenage girl out there who believes that several centimeters of chemicals make her prettier, but also at the parents who failed to provide them with enough self-esteem to resist such temptations.

So girls, please stick to the "less is more" attitude, or at least to a reasonable amount of makeup usage. Learn to appreciate the value of your real appearance because trust me, no guy would value the feeling of powder over the touch of your skin!

- Linda Eid

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