Christmas Markets: “Best Of...” Rankings

News | Vienna Review | December 2010 / January 2011


1.) Orange Punch: Gasthaus am Spittelberg stand (10)

2.) Berry Punch:  Karlsplatz (9)

3.) Prosecco Punsch: Eiskristall stand Witwe Bolte, Spittelberg (8.25)

4.) Aperol Punch: Wilhelminenberg (8)

5.) Chocolate Punch: Kaini’s Punsch Treff, Rathausplatz (7)

6.) Orange Punch: Wilhelminenberg (6)

7.) Punch: Wiener Spiralkartoffel, Schönbrunn(5)

8.) Bailey’s Punch: Kaini’s Punsch Treff, Rathaus (4.6)

9.) Orange "Turbo" Punch: Wilhelminenberg (4)



1.) "Rebfeuer": Lux stand at Spittelberg (7.6 )

2.) Red Glühwein:  Karlsplatz (7)

3.) Red Glühwein: Rathausplatz - stand 25 (4.25)

4.) White Glühwein Rathausplatz - stand 25 (2)


Regional Specialties

Rathaus: Red Bull Punch

Karlsplatz: There were no baked potato stands or gingerbread at this market but more unique food products like the Krapfen and the waffles.

Altes AKH: Original Kiachl Heisse Bauern-Krapfen (made of unsweetened Germteig from a local backery, it is frozen and then defrosted and fried in oil (similar to Langos), served with sauerkraut, marmalade or sugar.

Spittelberg: Eiskristall Stand Witwe Bolte: Waldviertler Feuerflecken, (salty puff pastry with crisp dark spots, with garlic or herbal dip.)


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