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At the Galleries: Feb. 2010

On The Town | Zsuzsa Lukacs | February 2010

Knoll Galerie

Mara Mattuschka (Feb. 10- April 10) 

Mattuschka, painter, performance artist, and film maker will display her work beginning on Feb. 10, whereby visitors can experience the primeval realm of the artist. Through the eyes of Mattuschka, human beings are reduced to a very simple state that endows man with merely a body and an ego. "Man is a lack," she states. She also describes him as an "imperfection" because he is incapable of producing anything without the aid of an apparatus and the support of his environment.

The artist`s images include depictions of animal heads, the renowned archaic homo erectus, Lucy, symbolizing the early phase of man. Her works spark continuous interaction between the viewer and the subjects. Particularly, the animal heads communicate an ineffable message, which cannot be unraveled, or perhaps needn’t be. Mattuschka assertively traces man’s origins, however (perhaps intentionally) does not map out the future of mankind. Have we lost our way? Mattuschka’s work implies that the order and identity of mankind has broken down and that our future does not look very hopeful.

Mon.- Fri., 14:00-19:00

Sat., 11:00-15:00

Knoll Galerie

6., Gumpendorfer Straße 18


ZS ART KunstRaum

"pop goes my world"

by CX Huth (Jan. 22-March 27) 

CX Huth’s work is obscure and challenging as he aims to "call everything into question without opposing." Huth is an artist of the "Berliner Schule" (The Berlin School) which had its high-time in the sixties. Unlike most of the artists who rejected everything mainstream and progressive while adding an immediate pop-art twist to their work, Huth welcomes mainstream novelties, and infatuates himself with it until finally eschewing it. He is a popular radical artist, whose creations are printed on T-shirts, soccer balls, cups, and toys. Anything the artist touches turns gold, or should we say art? He paints, writes, and draws on anything he can get his hands on, be it linen, paper, tape, printing plates, or even bath tubs. His creations result from coincidences and spontaneous moments with no apparent intention. Huth embraces everything that comes naturally to him.

Mon.- Fri., 11:00-19:00

Sat., 11:00-14:00

ZS ART KunstRaum

7., Westbahnstrasse 27-29


Galerie Time

LUST ( Feb. 9- Feb. 20) 

Petticoats, lingerie, lax attire, and lots of bare skin are to be seen, but not touched! 21 different artists, the majority being women, engage their minds and hands with themes of lust, eroticism, and fetishism. These luscious images are meticulously embellished and designed. Their images give such a graphic rundown on shoe, sock, and stalking fetishism that it borders on the lines of sadomasochism. The exhibition seems like a Garden of Pleasure, which will either repulse or delight. Bonne chance!

Tues., 14:00-22:00

Wed.-Fri., 14:00-19:00

Sat., 11:00-13:00

Galerie Time

1., Nibelungengasse 7/6

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