Month of Graphics and Tina Modotti

Gallery Run: Jun. 2010

On The Town | Zsuzsa Lukacs | June 2010

The question that art poses is intricate in determining whether quantity is more satisfying than quality. In the world of industrialization the things that are in the forefront are passing and hollow. We seem to be elusive, even inert to its lethal effects to the point of driving our very existence into a dire destructible state. We are cautioned, but man is too frail to counter attack, and he is sucked right in.


The Month of Graphics (May 28 - Jun. 18)

During the age of industrialization it became clear that speed and efficiency formed the basis of progress. Fast unconstrained growth has produced rapid changes in society. For 200 years, a state of restlessness has taken precedence over tranquility. This exhibition seems to imply, with subterfuge that those who propagate and revere industrial growth and progress, reduce quality of life, thereby depreciating the essence of human nature. Subconsciously, we do have the wish to escape the regular, the very life that operates like clockwork. The pictures stimulate the visitors to live in the present, for bliss is always in the now, the future and the past do not exist.

The graphic works of six international artists express a very keen yearning for the attainment of bliss and tranquility. The artists employ artistry, which is wide ranging. Multifarious images are on display, from drawings to the most diverse printing methods, which include "genre-bending" works that abridge a great gap between graphics and objects. Some exceptional artists, like Marika Vicari perfect their technique by going deep, and consciously cross borders with the intention of not only initiating, but also experimenting with new approaches and new mediums in graphics.

Kro Art Contemporary Gallery

6., Getreidemarkt 15

0676 503 05 32


Tina Modotti – A Revolutionary Photographer (Jul. 1 - Nov. 7)

In the exhibition of Tina Modotti – the ground-breaking photographer at Kunsthaus Wien presents a comprehensive retrospective collage of the ingenious photographer’s works, who has not been given the attention she truly deserves. Tina Modotti, who was born in 1896 in Udine, Italy and died in 1942 in Mexico, was one of the most fascinating women of the 20th century. She became famous as a result of the photographs she created in Mexico in the 1920s and also due to her involvement in the revolutionary movements of the 1930s.

The photographer’s elaborate photographic exposition not only includes her portraits, studies of plants, and her famous series on the "Women of Tehuantepec", but also the rare and eccentric images, which have been hidden from the public eye. The showcased creations trace the path of Tina Modotti’s life, which is an embellished and adventurous tale that commenced in Italy, and continued in California, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Spain, and eventually ended in Mexico. The visitors are admitted into her personal life, for they are offered a quick, but intense peak of her close friends, crucial artists and literary acquaintances, like the photographer Edward Weston,  author B. Traven, and lastly the artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

Kunsthaus Wien

3., Untere Weißgerberstraße 13

Opening hours: daily, 10:00 - 19:00

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