Stephansplatz Renovation

News Brief: Mar. 2010

News | Vienna Review | March 2010

A planned € 2 million renovation of Stephansplatz by the private association Unser Stephansdom (Our St. Stephen’s Cathedral) has been heavily criticized by Vienna’s Green Party (Die Grünen), following the release of details of the project.

Association chairman Christian Konrad said the intended renovation would include reposition the construction site office -- the so-called Dombauhütte currently located to the north of the cathedral -- to an underground location beneath the cathedral. The Bischofstor (Bishop’s Gate) now covered by the Dombauhütte will be again visible following its relocation to the Underground site.

Unser Stephansdom also plans to build a subterranean visitors’ center that would include an entrance to the Dommuseum. The intention is to separate worshippers from the approximately three million tourists who come to see Stephansdom every year.

Vienna’s Green Party is opposed to the planned tunnel, 30 meters long and eight meters wide, they say would cover the square – the planned entrance to the underground visitor center. In addition, they object to paying for the project in part with city funds, which, in effect, is charging the project to the tax payers.

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