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News Brief: Feb. 2010

News | Vienna Review | February 2010

If the Viennese vote "Yes" in a referendum Feb. 11-13, the Wiener Linien will launch 24-hour UBahn service on weekends, set to begin within the next four to six months. The program is patterned after similar programs that have already been implemented in other European cities including Stockholm, Berlin and Hamburg. Efforts to date have focused mostly on planning; further more cost-intensive work will be undertaken if the referendum is successful.

Requests by the Wiener Linien to the City of Vienna for new nightline bus routes to augment the subway routes on work days are already under consideration.

Clarification is still needed on some night-security issues.

"The police need to establish a presence through the night in the stations as well," says Wiener Linien General Manager Michael Lichtenegger, the Viennese daily DerStandard reports.

In addition, less-frequented stations may need renovation to provide better lighting, stair and escalator access.

The project is expected to add an additional €5 million per year, costs that will be assumed by the City of Vienna.

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