Vienna (still) has the best quality of life

News Brief: Jun. 2010

News | Vienna Review | June 2010

Vienna remains in the top spot as the city with the highest quality of life worldwide, according to a survey by Mercer Austria – an association that advises domestic and international companies on human capital issues. One place below on the list follows Zurich, then Geneva, the same as in 2009.

The study was conducted on both national and global levels, within two demographics – local managers and those working abroad – examining various political, social and economic aspects along with access to public transportation. Vienna was chosen due to "a high degree of security, political stability and a well operating infrastructure," said Josef Papousek, director of Mercer Austria.

Special emphasis was also put on environmental factors. According to Eco-study, Vienna was placed only 44.

Local managers, however, had a different perception of the capital. In a local survey, Vienna was nominated the second to last federal state for quality of living. Reasons for this are the high expenses for parking and a bureaucratic lifestyle.

Rüdiger Maresch, the environmental spokesperson of Die Grünen (Austrian Green Party), criticized the survey, emphasizing that it only included business people for whom quick access to the airport is important. The Viennese who have to cope with aircraft noise were excluded.

"Celebrating the success but not aiming at improving the town, does not benefit the population," remarks Maresch.


Top five quality of living ranking:

Vienna, Austria

Zurich, Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Vancouver, Canada (tied 4th)

Auckland, New Zealand (tied 4th)


Top five eco-city ranking:

Calgary, Canada

Honolulu, United States

Ottawa, Canada (tied 3rd)

Helsinki, Finland (tied 3rd)

Wellington, New Zealand

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