10,000 New Transit Passes

News Brief: Apr. 2011

News | Vienna Review | April 2011

The skyrocketing prices of petrol triggered an increased use of means of public transportation in Vienna. Over 10,000 new customers have bought year passes (Jahreskarten) within the past six months, according to the Wiener Linien, a number that usually takes a year to achieve.

"Public transportation allows you to travel more cheaply, faster and more conveniently," said Günther Steinbauer, head of the Wiener Linien, in an interview with the Austrian daily Kurier. Also, the Austrian Railway ÖBB reported a 10% increase in the number of passengers, especially commuters, since the beginning of the year.

A recent comparison of expenses between public transportation and use of a private car shows that the switch to public transportation has paid off. Driving a daily distance of 7,5 kilometers equals 450 euros per year for petrol only – the price of a year pass on public transit. Those commuting by car have to calculate additional costs for road taxes, vehicle repair and maintenance, parking and the purchase of the car itself.

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