Greater Poverty Risk For Larger Families

News | Vienna Review | February 2011

Poverty in families as well as inequalities regarding wealth and income are unmasked by the Austrian Social Report (Sozialbericht) released Dec. 15 by the Austrian Ministry of Social Affairs (Sozialministerium).

One in five households with three children or more runs the risk of poverty, as do 26% of all households with at least one non-EU parent as well as 29% of all single parents.

In total, one million Austrians (12.4%) - of which 239, 000 are children - are threatened by poverty, the report claims. Of these, some 247,000 are employed, and are described as being part of the "working poor".

The report further notes an ever more widening gap between employed and self-employed workers, with the former averaging earnings of €52,000 per year, and the latter only €23,100. The total gap in earned income (Arbeitseinkommen) is in fact wider as well, with 47% of all income generated by the top one-fifth of the population, 7% more than 30 years ago.

Hannah Stadlober

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