Metternich and Terror

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News | Vienna Review | September 2011

Terror in Norway: Opinions, Jul.28 

Johanna Mikl-Leitner, ÖVP, Minister of Interior 

"[The Norway attacks] were the doing of a lone perpetrator. Only a fifth of the crimes committed by [Austrian] right-wing extremists can be attributed to the organized scene; the rest to the un-organized one. In our assessment, there is currently no threat to Austria, but we can’t exclude the possibility of copy-cat crimes. […] The security services must be given the instruments to identify suspected individuals in advance. […] If there are no indications for a crime, the data will, of course, be deleted, to avoid turning people’s private lives into "glass houses". But: data protection may not turn into terror protection."


Heimat and Terror, Jul. 28

by Joachim Riedl

"Already at his first appearance in court, Breivik claimed that […] his comrades in the ‘Vienna School of Thought’ would soon follow his example, to repel the current Third Ottoman Siege. […]

While Scandinavians intend to confront the racist terror in their country with an offensive of democratic virtues, the government in Vienna plans to give in to the pressure of the Minister of Interior and take another step towards a surveillance state by reinforcing anti-terror laws. This, too, could be called the Vienna School of Thought."


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