Vienna Circle: The American Women’s Association

A community of English speaking women in this month's Vienna Circle

Services | Vienna Review | September 2011

One of the oldest international clubs in Vienna is the American Women’s Association, founded in 1924 by the wives of U.S. diplomats and military personnel.

More recently the AWA has broadened to include an international community of English-speaking women, some 250 members from over 30 countries. AWA is a non-profit volunteer organization financed primarily by membership dues. They describe themselves as "interesting, enthusiastic, energetic and fun," and have a rich and varied program of outings and gatherings, language classes, charitable activities and support groups, all "opportunities for English-speaking women to make friends and support each other as they adapt to life in Austria," according to their website. (

"Don’t forget, Americans are joiners," a member said, as if such a thing needed explaining. The "Amis" are clearly not alone.

AWA’s latest service initiative launched this month is AWARE: Service in Austria, inspired by the 9/11 Day of Service in the United States, and in the spirit of the 2011 European Year of Volunteering. Intended to be on-going, their first project is to collect school supplies, dictionaries, books, games and puzzles for refugee children in Austria, partnering with schools, clubs and organizations – including Caritas, Diakonie, and Menschen. Leben – working with refugees in Austria.

AWARE: Service in Austria Team: American Women’s Association of Vienna 1., Singerstraße 4/11,

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