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Keys to the City: Apr, 2012

Services | Vienna Review | April 2012

In Vienna, the authorities won’t stop you from owning a camel or water buffalo. They figure on the official list of approved pets. With a pet population of more than 250,000 cats and 100,000 dogs, Vienna is an animal friendly place.

Bringing your pet to Vienna may, however, prove tricky. According to EU rules, animals affected by rabies (such as dogs, cats, and ferrets) need a European Blue Pet Pass, which includes an identification chip and proof of rabies vaccination. Exceptions are made for animals under three months: Provided they have been kept at their place of birth, they can travel without a vaccination. Most authorised veterinarians will issue Pet Passes. Dr. Kudlieka (below) speaks English.

Similar conditions apply for dogs, cats or ferrets brought from Canada or the U.S. Owners are required to hold identification as well as certificates confirming that the animal has been vaccinated and that its import is non-commercial.

The rules for animals not affected by rabies are a lot more lenient and mainly concern species protection.

There is of course the option of getting an animal in Vienna. Animal Care, an Austrian NGO run by American Carol Byers, makes this easy. On its website, the organisation lists abandoned dogs, cats, rodents, birds and even horses from Eastern European countries that are up for adoption.

For further information contact:

Veterinäramt der Stadt Wien

(MA 60)

3., Karl-Farkas-Gasse 16

(01) 4000 8060

Dr. Kudlieka and Dr. Schweidt

7., Neustiftgasse 84

(01) 5226222

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