Bicycle super-highway

Copenhagen to construct 26 cycle-superhighways by the year 2015. European News Brief: Sep. 2012

News | Vienna Review | September 2012

Copenhagen hopes to get 50% cyclists by providing a super highway (Photo: Stig Nygaard)

While in Vienna, 6% of commuting is done by bike and politicians argue about making the registration of bicycles mandatory, in Copenhagen 35% of citizens cycle to work every day.

As a self-dubbed city of cyclists, the Danish capital is now initiating a truly remarkable concept with the aim of 50% of its inhabitants using bicycles in their daily travel: the construction of 26 cycle-superhighways by 2015 with a total length of 300 km, at a cost of approximately €1.1 million. The first of the cycling motorways was recently opened, and the 10 km road connects Copenhagen with the suburb of Albertslund.

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