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That fabled season is once again upon us, as crowds gather in public spaces to wait for the moment a ball hits the back of a net. Yes, the European Football Championship kicks off 8 June when Poland hosts Greece at 18:00. Following the rousing success of the 2008 European Championship in Austria and Switzerland, and the 2010 World Cup, big screens will pop up in and around Vienna once again for public viewings of the matches. Plan on arriving early or reserving a spot for the kick-offs on the following evenings:


8-15 June, 18:00, 20:45

(Matchdays 1&2)

16-19 June, 20:45 (Matchday 3)

21-24 June, 20:45 (Quarter-finals)

27-28 June, 20:45 (Semi-finals)

1 July, 20:45 (Final)





One of the Danube Canal's lounge bars will once again set up a big screen for all the games. Whether it will be installed under the bridge or not remains to be seen.

Upstream from Salztorbrücke

2., Donaukanal

0650 54 32 307



This lesser-known Wirt in Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus offers two big screens and a flatscreen. Imported Polish beer and buffalo grass vodka for the occasion

15., Ullmannstr. 31

0664 150 8429



Likely Vienna's favourite summer beach hang-out. There's plenty of room on the canal-side for up to 5,000 fans, but get here early to claim a deck chair.

Across from Urania

3., Herrmannpark

0688 866 6036



Where else can you celebrate a goal by belly-flopping into a pool? Catch all 31 games here and party until sunrise, if you like.

2., Waldsteingartenstr. 135



Just as in 2008 and 2010, FM4 is hosting this public viewing in the courtyard of the WUK, dubbed the "EM-Quartier", with additional DJs, grilling, commentators, and an overall festive atmosphere from 16:00 on.

9., Währinger Str. 59

(01) 401 21 70



For a change of scenery, head 26km south and catch the later games in front of Baden's elegant Kurzentrum. Although seating is first come-first serve, reservations are available via

Match nights, 19:30

Badener Kurzentrum

2500 Baden

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