Good Morning, Good Luck, Goodbye

Brief Encounters: Tales of Everday Life, Jul/Aug. 2012

Columns | Vienna Review | July / August 2012

My day begins with a 15-minute walk to the U-Bahn station: A walk – now such a routine – that I catch myself retracing my own footsteps every time I set out on it.

Quite uneventful. Usually.

About to complete the last 200 metres (or so), I stopped abruptly as a message caught my eye. A "Hallo!" laid written in yellow chalk letters across the sidewalk, followed by a smiley face. I continued walking. Another 50 metres; same color, same hand-writing: "Heute ist ein guter Tag" (Today is a good day). I quickened my pace in anticipation of the next message. Another 50 metres. "Du schaffst das schon" (You’re almost there).

Right before the corner facing the U-Bahn, I walked on top of "Jetzt geht’s los!" (Here you go!). Pumped by the words of encouragement, I made the turn in such sweet oblivion that I ran straight into the massive yellow postal cart of the mailman. Whack!

I stood, stunned... then excused myself and continued as if nothing happened. "Here you go!" had come a little too early.

Now, however, I was ready. So off I went.

Mina Nachev

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