Kung Fu Weeks in Vienna

On The Town | Julian Delfino | July / August 2012

The Shaolin Tempel Austria invites the public to its Kung Fu Week celebrations for its 10th anniversary (Photo: Shaolin Tempel Austria)

On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Shaolin Temple Austria - the largest of its kind in Europe - offers a free two-week program on Kung Fu, meditation, and health, as well as lectures on nutrition and meditation, and courses for children and families.

Shaolin has its roots in the 1500-year-old temple in China, and is based on the "four pillars": the martial art Kung Fu, Tai Chi meditation, Chi Kung exercises, and Chan Buddhism philosophy; the temple regularly holds courses in all these subjects, and welcomes all levels, ages, and religious denominations. The anniversary celebration party will be on 2 September, at 19:00.

25 Aug.-Sept. 8

Shaolin Tempel Austria

3., Markhofgasse 19

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