Martin Ehl Wins “Writing for CEE” Journalism Prize

Top Stories | Vienna Review | November 2012

Journalist and The Vienna Review contributor, Martin Ehl, winner of the 2012 “Writing for CEE” award (Photo: Jan Shejbal)

We are proud to announce that Martin Ehl, regular contributing writer to The Vienna Review, was awarded the Writing for CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) Journalism Prize 2012. Created by APA (Austria Presse Agentur) and UniCredit Bank Austria, the €5,000 prize has been given once a year since 2004.

The media play an important role in encouraging integration, overcoming borders and minorities’ issues, helping bind European countries together and develop a stronger feeling of unity. With this in mind, the organization invites members of the European media, to submit journalistic coverage on these topics.

Martin Ehl, foreign editor of the Czech daily Hospodářské noviny, is the ninth journalist to be honoured with this prize, for his coverage of Central European and Balkan politics. His articles in The Vienna Review in 2012 include:

"Worn Out In Warsaw", TVR May

"Military Cooperation: A Question of Trust", TVR June

"Let’s Give Fico a Chance", TVR June

"In Poland, Big Food, Big Politics", TVR November

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