Outdoor Summer Screenings: 14 Aug.

Sophia Chung | July / August 2012

Crowds gather in front of Vienna's Rathaus for free film and concert screenings (Photo: Stadt Wien Marketing)

A Baroque Celebration (2011)

Genre: Music

Starts: 21:30

Description: Emmanuel Haim brings together some of the best baroque musicians in a concert at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Le Concert d'Astrée. Featuring Natalie Dessay, Sandrine Piau, Anne Sofie von Otter, Philippe Jaroussky, Patricia Petibon, Rolando Villazón, and Topi Lehtipuu.

Film Festival auf dem Wiener Rathausplatz

1., Rathausplatz



Battleship (2012)

Genre: Action, Drama

Starts: 21:30

Description: After Alex Hopper’s brother forces him to join the Navy, he becomes a lieutenant on the USS John Paul Jones DDG-53. All seems well when he falls in love with Admiral Shane’s daughter, Samantha, but chaos breaks loose when alien ships attack.

Schloss Neugebäude

11., Otmar-Brix-Gasse 1



The Station Agent (2003)

Genre: Drama

Starts: 21:00

Description: Finbar, born with dwarfism, loves trains more than he loves people. When his only friend dies suddenly, he moves to rural New Jersey, where he meets a perky hot dog vendor and a woman with her own problems.

Kino am Dach

Hauptbücherei Wien

7., Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a



Crimson Gold (1993)

Genre: Drama

Starts: 21:30

Description: Hussein is a pizza delivery driver who is disillusioned by the unfairness in society. He cannot believe the huge amounts of money spent on a necklace, as he knows he will never earn enough to buy such a luxury item. Later, he and his friend are denied entrance to a store because of the way they look. Eventually, Hussein is pushed over the edge, and turns to a life of crime.

Kino wie noch nie (Garten des Filmarchiv Austria)


2., Obere Augartenstraße 1 


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