Outdoor Summer Screenings: 4 Aug.

Sophia Chung | July / August 2012

Schrammeln (1944)

Genre: Musical

Starts: 21:00

Géza von Bolváry's masterpiece about two brothers who experience the trials and tribulations of forming a Heuriger music quartet.


17., Geblergasse 36-38


Orpheus and Eurydice

Genre: Opera

Starts: 21:30

Christoph Willibald Gluck’s opera is based on the myth of Orpheus. Orpheus was a legendary musician who famously charmed all things, even stones, with his beautiful music. His wife, Eurydice, was either an oak nymph or one of the daughters of Apollo. On their wedding day, while she was walking among tall grass, a satyr pursued her. During the chase, Eurydice stepped on a nest of poisonous vipers and suffered a fatal bite. When Orpheus found out about her death, he played a tragically mournful song, overwhelmed by grief. According to legend, his music was so touching, Hades and Persephone allowed him into the underworld to bring Eurydice back. However, Eurydice could only return on one condition – Orpheus must walk in front of Eurydice without looking back until they both reached the upper world. However, in his nervousness, he glanced back before Eurydice stepped into the upper world. First performed in 1762 in Vienna, this opera simplifies the plot and music, creating a "noble simplicity" for audiences.

Film Festival auf dem Wiener Rathausplatz

1., Rathausplatz


Headhunters (2011)

Genre: Action

Starts: 21:30

In this Norwegian film directed by Morten Tyldum, a skilled headhunter seems to have the perfect life; he owns a stunning villa and marries a beautiful woman. However, he lives beyond his means and must steal artwork in order to finance his lifestyle. Now, he must risk everything to steal the most valuable painting yet.

Kino im Schloss

Schloss Neugebäude

11., Otmar-Brix-Gasse 1


The New World (2011)

Genre: Documentary

Starts: 21:00

Description: Directed by Jaan Tootsen, The New World is an Estonian documentary about New World Society, a group of young citizens who want to reform their neighborhoods to create change. It was awarded Best Film by the Estonian Association of Film Journalists.



1., Museumsplatz


I Love You Phillip Morris (2009)

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Starts: 21:30

Steven Russell, a happily married man, is forced to reconsider his life when he gets into a car accident. He decides to accept his homosexuality, so he leaves his family and moves to Miami. To support himself, he becomes a con man. After getting arrested, he meets and falls in love with Phillip Morris, a fellow inmate. His desire to be with Morris spurs on a series of cons. The film is based off the real life story of Steven Jay Russell. 

Kino am Dach

Hauptbücherei Wien

7., Urban-Loritz-Platz 2a


Harte Ziele (1993)

Genre: Action

Starts: 21:30

Natasha Binder hires a drifter to help her find her missing father in New Orleans. Their brutal discoveries leads them on an action-filled hunt.

Kino wie noch nie (Garten des Filmarchiv Austria)


2., Obere Augartenstraße 1 



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