Response to the Nobel Peace Prize

European News Brief: Nov. 2012

News | Vienna Review | November 2012

The EU was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize at a time when the distressed 27-nation strong project is losing traction. According to Thorbjoen Jagland, head of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, "This is in a way a message to Europe that we should do everything we can to secure what has been achieved and move forward." While Czech President Vaclav Klaus described it as a joke, Austria’s leaders have expressed their jubilation at receiving the award.

The SPÖ EU-delegation celebrated the decision, holding firm that: "Today, we don’t need less Europe and a return to nation states, but more Europe." The ÖVP’s Othmar Karas, agrees and refers to the recent "courage-boost," as a "mission for the future." Federal President Heinz Fischer described the awarding as a "great achievement," that provides, "courage and hope to continue working on the European project for peace."

EU Parliament President Martin Schulz was also greatly touched by the award and stressed this was a "prize for all EU-citizens." The award includes a grant of 8 million Swedish kronor. Considering the EU’s population, the share of prize per EU citizen is about €0.0018.

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