Spirit and Voice at Otto Wagner’s Opus

On The Town | Julian Delfino | July / August 2012

Otto Wagner's Kirche am Steinhof (Photo: Wikicommons/Muesse)

The Church at Steinhof, the gilded Jugendstil edifice built by Otto Wagner at the beginning of the 20th century, is a majestic setting for VOCuMENTA’s monthly music programme. The organization’s stated purpose, to present "outstanding works of western vocal sacred music", is emphasised by its distinctive name, a neologism joining "vox" (voice) and "mens" (spirit) together.

In this month’s concert, the vocal ensemble "Arcantus" will perform settings of Petrarch’s poetry from the Renaissance to the present. On 28 Sept., W.U. CHOR WIEN will perform motet compositions from three centuries. Donations accepted. For full schedule,  see listing here.

24 Aug., 19:30

Otto-Wagner-Kirche am Steinhof

14., Baumgartner Höhe


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