Turks expect ’no’ from European Union

Turkish belief in joining EU at all time low, European News Brief: Sep. 2012

News | Vienna Review | September 2012

The number of Turks who believe the country will ultimately acquire European Union membership has dropped significantly in comparison to last year, a recent poll by German-Turkish Foundation for Education and Scientific Research (TAVAK) has revealed. The belief of the Turkish population in EU membership has dropped to an all-time low of 17%, down from 34.8% in 2011, while an overwhelming majority of 78% have no such expectations. When asked about European countries that are seen as opposed to Turkey’s EU-inclusion, France was mentioned most, followed by Germany, Greece, and the Greek Cypriots.

Meanwhile, a new survey in Austria suggests that the number of Austrian citizens rejecting Turkey’s EU membership bid is in decline: 46% of the respondents disapprove of Turkey joining the European Union, 15% less than two years ago, according to a study by Karmasin Motivforschung, published by the Austrian weekly profil on 18 August. In the same period of time, the approval rate of Turkey’s EU membership increased from 6% to 8%.

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