Austro British Chamber: “A Matter Of Trust”

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Services | Riccardo Zennaro | November 2012

Vice Chairman Gerhard Müller spoke to TVR at Café Central (Photo: Riccardo Zennaro)

Are you a British entrepreneur who wants to open a subsidiary branch in Vienna? Or maybe you are an Austrian opera singer who wants to exercise your vocal cords in London. Either way, if you are looking for business links between the United Kingdom and Austria, the ABC, or Austro British Chamber, is a good place to find support.

The Austro British Chamber is a non-profit organisation that, since 1967, has worked to create business links between the two countries. Member of the Council of British Chambers of Commerce in Europe (COBCOE), the Austro British Chamber is part of a network that includes the respective embassies, the U.K. Department of Trade and Investment, the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO), Webster University Vienna and OPEC.

"We’re small but ambitious," says Vice-Chairman Gerhard Müller, bringing together more than 100 members in a variety of roles. Members come from a wide range of backgrounds, from British subsidiaries to Austrian service providers, from representatives of law firms to consultants – all with the aim of sharing interests, benefiting from a wide range of networking opportunities and keeping in contact for the next meeting.

Among the 100 members, two thirds are Austrian with business activities in the United Kingdom, while the remaining third is mainly made up of British nationals holding executive positions in Austria. All administrative issues are dealt with by seven volunteer board members, both British and Austrians, who respond to comments and feedback, and seek to foster discussion among both Austrian and British members.

Gender equality is another key feature of the organisation, with a membership ratio between men and women of 50:50.

Those interested in joining need to simply come to the next "Business Breakfast", a monthly gathering consisting of a roundtable for members and non-members, who present projects and activities and lay the foundations for further relations.

The next meetings include the EU Energy Policies Conference on Monday, 3 December and the annual Christmas get together on Thursday, 13 December.

For further information, check the Austro British Chamber website or contact the office via email. The welcome is warm, members quickly find, and the support real. After all, as Müller likes to say, "it’s all a matter of trust."

Austro British Chamber

4., Schwindgasse 5/1/4

0680 325 7016

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