Viewfinder: The Votivkirche through another lens

Vienna Review | March 2012


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  • Empowering Change?

    The UN Secretary-General’s take on global protests is conservative, but realistic
    Opinion | Catharine Eibl
  • The Party Electric

    Before the bass started booming from the speakers of LVL7, the city’s new nightspot, The Vienna Review got the low down
    On The Town | Andreas Rainer
  • Saying Something About John Cage

    Two homages to 100 years of legacy. A Californian composer and his quiet influence on the next generation’s creative spirit
    On The Town | Cynthia Peck
  • Vienna’s Russians: Remote and Resigned

    As protesters rally in the squares of Moscow, the diaspora in Austria’s capital takes a more sceptical view of political change
    News | Grigory Borodavkin
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