“Young Austria” Exhibition Opens at Austria Trade Union Federation

TVR Books | Vienna Review | December 2012 / January 2013

The "Young Austria" exhibition opens on 5 Dec. at 18:00 with a vernissage at the ÖGB-Zentrale, headquarters of the Austrian Trade Union Federation, featuring a short performance of the Erstes Wiener Lesetheater. Organised by Sonja Frank, chair of Verein Kunstplatzl, the exhibition documents the youth organisation of Austrian émigrés in the UK during the World War II.

The accompanying book, entitled Young Austria: ÖsterreicherInnen im britischen Exil 1938 – 1947 published by ÖGB Verlag earlier this year, portrays 76 of the somewhat 1,300 members of the organisation, some of which are still alive today. It is the first publication dedicated to this significant exile organisation.

5 Dec. 2012 – 8 Jan. 2013

Mon-Fri, 8:00 – 18:00


Catamaran Foyer

2., Johann-Böhm-Platz 1

Free Admission

For a review of Young Austria: ÖsterreicherInnen im britischen Exil 1938 – 1947, see "Austrians in Exile: the London Years" in Sept. 2012 TVR.

For a profile on the artist Ernst Eisenmayer, a former Young Austria member, see "Ernst Eisenmayer: the Dignity of Life" in Nov. 2012 TVR.



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