Book Briefs: May 2013

Vienna Review | May 2013


What is a Smart City? At heart, the concept concerns sustainable quality of life for urban dwellers. A total of 67 Viennese scholars show Vienna’s potential for the coming decades. Chapters include City & Planning, Energy & Buildings, Mobility & Networks and Environment & Climate, with introductory chapters written by journalists Astrid Kuffner and Jürgen Hatzenbichler.


Smart City: Viennese Expertise Based on Science and Research

by Helmut Widmann (ed.)

Schmid Verlag, Vienna (2012)

pp. 240



Viennese connoisseurs, as elsewhere, consider cookery a matter of national pride. But unlike many places, Vienna was the capital of a vast empire, and draws on many traditions, finding ways to adapt or improve their dishes. Viennese Cooking, by O. and A. Hess, covers the cooking and baking that outlived the empire.


Viennese Cooking

by O. and A. Hess

Crown Publishers Inc, New York (1952)

pp. 320


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