How do you like them apples?

Columns | Lauren Napier | February 2013

On a cold January morning I came up from the U-Bahn at Schwedenplatz on my way to work and was pleasantly surprised to see two people, bundled in winter garb, smiling contagiously and handing out free apples. I thought to myself, a healthy, portable treat is the perfect gift on such a chilly morning compared to the Red Bull, doughnuts or candy I have been handed on the streets of Florida.

A small brochure came with the fruit, saying that they were organic Styrian apples "From the heart", really, the company was called "Von Herzen". Mine was crisp and red with a hint of yellow and just the right size for a quick afternoon pick-me-up, so I kept it for later. The little offering brought a smile to my face and helped start my day off right. But I was not alone.

As I walked away from the apple distributors, two police officers were about to cross my path, deep in conversation.

All of a sudden, the female officer looked up and smiled. "Ooooo! Äpfel!" and hurried over – a woman on a mission – and secured herself an apple. I giggled to myself as I walked away thinking it was nice to see people excited over healthy food because in America, most people were more excited about junk food, the unhealthier, the better.

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