Czech PM resigns

News | Vienna Review | July / August 2013

Nečas stepped down after being charged with bribery and spying (Photo: David Sedlecký)

On 17 June, Czech Prime Minister, Petr Nečas resigned after allegations of corruption and abuse of power. Before, his chief of staff, Jana Nagyová, was arrested and charged with bribing members of parliament and misusing intelligence agents to spy on people – including, according to lawyers, the prime minister’s now estranged wife.

Graft and sleaze have become major issues in the Czech Republic. In a series of dramatic anti-corruption raids, Nagyova, two former parliamentarians, an ex-minister and the current and former heads of military intelligence were taken into custody. Police seized about 150 million koruna (around €7 million) in cash, 10 of kilograms of gold and files of documents.

Nečas has denied any wrongdoing. However later, he recognised his "political responsibility" and stepped down as prime minister and chairman of his Civic Democratic Party.

President Miloš Zeman has asked Nečas to stay on as caretaker leader until a provisional government can be formed to serve until the next elections in June 2014.

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