Fighting for Fitness

Services | Vienna Review | March 2013

The programmes at Shinergy bring harmony to body and mind (Photo: shinergy)

Lent is upon us once again and with it, the first signs of spring, warmer weather, fewer clothes and (gulp) the recognition that the sins of celebration are getting harder to hide. New Year’s resolutions went out the window weeks ago...  So now is the perfect time to get honest and begin a new sports regimen to work off those unwanted kilos. And while some are already training for the marathon in April, traditional fitness centres like John Harris, Holmes Place and Fit-Inn have their devotees, Vienna has a number of off-beat opportunities for people looking to get into shape.


One of the newest trends to hit Vienna in the last few years is Cross Fit. This programme is designed for people of all levels who wish to improve flexibility and strength. A typical training session lasts only 45 minutes but despite the short time duration, training is intense with a number of exercises being performed in succession. A "Workout of the Day" supplies a constant variation to the standard workout, keeping sessions fresh and helping to avoid the repetitive nature of many programmes that can lead people to quitting before seeing any results.


Mon.-Fri. 7:00 20:00

Sat. & Sun. 10:00 16:00

18., Josefstädterstraße 76


Wrestling School Austria  

If you’ve ever wanted to step into the squared circle like Hulk Hogan and strut your stuff in front of crowds of adoring fans, the Wrestling School Austria can help you on your way. The three-hour training sessions are designed to increase stamina as well as teach how to perform moves without harming your opponent. Train alongside of some of the best professional wrestlers that Europe has to offer for only €15 per week. Women can train for free and all trainees have the opportunity to work their way up to the main touring roster.


Sun. 15:00 18:00

2., Hofenedergasse 3



Muscle mass isn’t everything and you won’t find a dumbbell anywhere at Shinergy. Offering a variety of different programmes ranging from boxing to pilates, the focus here is on bringing harmony to the body and mind through physical activity. Courses can last from 1-4 hours, and there is no membership required to participate.

Shinergy offers a "Young Stars" programme: high energy training for body and mind aimed to help children handle the challenges of school and life. Summer camps full of games, sports, and a range of leisure activities also run, keeping kids and young adults healthy and happy throughout the season.


Mon.-Fri., 7:00 22:00

Sat. & Sun., 10:00 20:00 

15. Winckelmannstrasse 8

8. Lange Gasse 78

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