Grinzing in China

News | Vienna Review | February 2013




Copying Austria, 8 Jan. 2013

by Renate Graber

Apparently China is interested in our Grinzing. It’s not so much that rich Chinese are planning real estate investments in Viennese Heurigen-areas; it's that they are creating a duplicate copy of the Grinzing village centre, which will be built somewhere in China.

The Middle Kingdom has already built a copy of mystical Hallstatt – actually it’s quite astonishing that there isn’t more of Austria being duplicated around the world. After all, we have a lot worth copying.

Let’s take Carinthia as an example. A reproduction of its swamps and lakes set in a vast desert landscape: Quite charming. Charge a small copying fee that would reduce Austria’s greatest debt of a province. The same goes for the second-highest indebted province, Lower Austria. [Sell] a copy of the Rax or the Schneeberg mountain to the Netherlands, or a copy of the Wachau to those without wine and rivers – and the next balance sheet might well be rescued.

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