Highway to Hell

Columns | Binu Starnegg | June 2013

"Excuse me, could you turn that infernal noise UP?"

Taxi drivers generally don’t play their own music at work. Why risk offending your fares? Better to keep traffic news at near inaudible levels.

Still, whether out of boredom or defiance, you’ll sometimes find one who will subject you to their favourite tunes. I usually let it slide – there are far worse ordeals than listening to The Carpenters for ten minutes. (well, maybe not the Carpenters…)

Not this time though: My cabbie was trying to pass off AC/DC as ambient noise. Inexcusable! So he pumped up the volume, while I rolled down the windows.

By the time I was home, we were fast friends. I last saw him heading into the night, waking my unsuspecting neighbours with "Rock n’ Roll ain’t noise pollution".

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