Jazz Herbst cancelled

News | Vienna Review | September 2013

Due to a deficit of €1.17 million, founder and organiser Johannes Kunz declared the Salzburg festival bankrupt on 20 August. According to Kunz, sponsors disappeared and large companies which normally bought tickets in bulk didn’t pull through. The Salzburg Old City Association sponsored another event in August, "Jazz in the City," which may have affected Jazz Herbst’s audience. "It’s not easy," Kunz told Der Standard. "I put a lot of my own resources into the project."

Jazz Herbst is a historical festival. The first event in 1996 hosted big name musicians like Ray Charles, Joe Zawinul und Lalo Schifrin. This would have been the 18th year of the festival. But Kunz says that it’s not dead; it will be relocated to Grafenegg in Lower Austria, "where the festival is wanted." But the music won’t play again until 2015, when "we will have more time to prepare, so we can get off to a strong start."

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