Kampusch Film: 3096 Days

News | Vienna Review | February 2013

3096 tells the true story of Natascha Kampusch (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) and her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil (Thure Lindhardt) (Photo: Constantin Films)

The highly anticipated film 3096 Days, about the abduction and imprisonment of Natascha Kampusch, premieres in cinemas on 28 February.

The film’s portrayal of the relationship between the young girl and her abductor has sparked significant controversy, with each new release of trailers and photos garnering criticism over their veracity and potential sensationalism.

Kampusch is played by Northern Irish actress Antonia Campbell-Hughes, whose emaciated appearance also received attention in the press in recent months. Her skeletal frame was intended to emulate that of Kampusch’s when she escaped as a teenager from her basement cell after more than eight years of captivity.

The German-made film – inspired by Kampusch’s own memoir and released with her approval – is directed by Sherry Hormann, and produced and distributed by Constantin Film.


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