Laurel & Hardy Premieres at Prückel

Top Stories | Lauren McKay | February 2013

Eric Lomas and Robert G. Neumayr play the funny duo (Photo: Open House Theatre Company)

The play Laurel & Hardy, about the lives and careers of the funny and famous pair (played by Eric Lomas and Robert G. Neumayr), opens 16 February and runs through 9 March. The Open House Theatre Company’s production isn’t all laughs – the story relates the duo’s memories and reflections, as they look back on the difficult moments of their partnership, their time working in Hollywood, and Hardy’s early death and its effect on Laurel.

The Open House Theatre Company succeeded the now-defunct International Theatre Vienna. The new organisation, comprised of professionals in the industry, continues the tradition of providing quality English-language theatre in Vienna, as well as the yearly favourite "A Christmas Carol".

The opening of Laurel & Hardy will mark its Austrian premiere.


Laurel & Hardy

KIP-Kunst im Café Prückel

16 Feb. – 9 Mar.

Mon. – Sat., 19:30

No shows on 18 Feb. and 7 Mar.


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