No Second Kidnapper

News | Vienna Review | May 2013

Wolfgang Priklopil, the man who abducted Natascha Kampusch and imprisoned her for eight years, "almost certainly" acted alone, as Jörg Ziercke, president of the German criminal police BKA stated when presenting a special investigator’s report.

A woman claimed to have seen a second person pull Kampusch into Priklopil’s van, but was found to be "objectively mistaken", said Ziercke. The FBI supported the committee that revisited the Kampusch case. They found no evidence that Priklopil had any connection to a child pornography ring or S&M circles and also confirmed that the abductor had committed suicide.

However, the report also highlighted mistakes and misjudgements in parts of the investigation, among them the fact that clues found soon after the kidnapping pointed to Priklopil as a suspect, but had not been followed up. Natascha Kampusch was not questioned again for the report.

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