Originality in Gift Giving

On The Town | Margaret Childs | December 2013 / January 2014

Insead of pitying the (wo)man who has everything, give them something unique and original.

At Christmas time it’s more than  family, it’s also the house presents for countless Christmas and New Year’s parties. A box of cookies or bottle of wine will surely disappear in no time.

So where to find the perfect individualised gift?

peryd shou makes this its raison d’etre. "The idea started as a sort of haute couture print shop," explained Lukas Hernfled, who left a career in silk screen printing (Siebdruck) to open up shop in the 7th District.

It began as an almost empty showroom, but now, five years later, it’s filled with anything you can imagine printing on: There are shirts, sweaters, pants, shorts, buttons, lampshades, plates, tiles, the list is endless.

Each piece is unique, and while some, like the T-shirts, are reproducible in larger quantities, other things are individual "canvases" found in curiosity shops and flea markets.

The ceramic plates are an iconic product: floral designs that can be printed with uncouth images. Many ideas in the inventory are Hernfeld’s, but the bulk of their business is special orders.

Their clientele includes designers in theatre and film production, as well as what Hernfeld calls "recreational artists".

A good bottle is always appreciated, but what if it were fine regional schnapps filled into an antique pharmacists bottle printed with the recipients name? destille on Neubaugasse specialises in personalised drinkable gifts.

With over 400 types of spirits, including absinthe, 100% agave Mexican tequilas and 150 varieties of whisky, the shop will fill any size bottle. They cater to company parties and create give-away bottles with the firm’s logo.

They have over 40 Austrian wines, some from Spain, Australia and South America, plus champagnes, sekt and prosecco. There are also fine oils and vinegars from Spain and Greece as well as marinated vegetables and pestos.

Destille has a wide variety of their own receptacles. but will also fill any bottle, can or jug you bring.

Everyone loves to laugh and at the komische künste store in the MQ, side-splitting art work is up for sale.

Browsing through, you’ll find originals by Benedikt Kobel – cynically hilarious social commentaries – or Bernd Ertl’s cartoonish caricatures, but also funny paintings of animals by Doris Eisenburger and Gerhard Glück’s cartoons satires on "Munch and Miro & Co."

The staff at KK is also glad to put you in touch with the cartoonists for personal commissions. What better gift for your nearest and dearest than a caricature, accentuating their most loveable attributes!


Peryd Shou

7., Zollergasse 9-11




7., Neubaugasse 51



Komische Künste

MuseumsQuartier / quartier21

7., Museumsplatz 1



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