Set Shotglasses to Stun

Columns | Binu Starnegg | July / August 2013

Every so often, my associates and I like to play a game that could be best described as mystery cocktail double dare; but we prefer to call it Bar Trek. This exchange happenend the other day while we were exploring Booze: the final frontier. In this episode, my companion was the designated redshirt, ready to take a hit from an unidentified liquid object.

"I’m telling you, it’ll be out of this world," I pestered my comrade while he looked at me as if I belonged in a straitjacket. "Beam us up, Scotty," he grunted, "there’s no intelligent life here." Undeterred, I pressed my case. "Come on, where’s your pioneering spirit? You could boldly drink what no man has drunk before!" He wasn’t convinced, "Is this about the money you owe me? Just say so. No need to poison me." Indignant, I defended my creation."Dammit, I’m a bartender, not a murderer! Resistance is futile! Just drink it already!"

Raising an eyebrow, he quipped, "highly illogical." He had a point; but when all logic fails, I resort to pleading.

"I’m giving her all she’s got, captain!"

He smiled, "You’re not helping your case. But fine. Make it so." And down the hatch my creation went.

"Well?", I asked, afraid I had miscalculated. "Positively disgusting." he snorted. "Make me another!"

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